The Vast Expanse

There is no sky above-
only billowing clouds in browns, grays, and blacks
from tall belching towers that press my spirit into the ground.
Lost is the blue with white puffy clouds,
the purply/pink/red setting the horizon on fire,
and the endless black dotted with diamonds.
Gone is gazing at the vast expanse,
watching my soul soar free from its binding chains-
I weep.

My own sobs wake me-
free from the grip of a nightmarish vision,
a glance at the window eases my stress.
I bow my head in thankful silence and
move to the porch to rest my eyes on
miles of endless blue.
Join me, won’t you, to gaze at the vast expanse and
watch our souls soar free from their binding chains-
we appreciate.

The Moments of My Day

Here is a list of moments
that carried me through my day.
Some happy, some sad,
Some caused my nerves to fray.

Let’s start at the beginning
as the morn I groggily greet.
My daily dose of caffeine, yoga, and routine,
then to school I hastily speed.

I slid into my Wednesday a.m. meeting
just as the principal began to speak.
Next, my students came in quietly
and got to work without a squeak.

Next was art for the kiddos
and a parent meeting for me.
I hope she does what she says she’ll do.
Fingers crossed; I’ll wait and see.

Back to class with fifth grade
then fourth was next to teach.
They are learning to write literary essays.
For many, this is a reach.

Lunch, recess, then fourth grade again.
They worked well today.
Next, third grade, oh me, oh my!
A challenge-what can I say!

I helped with Crochet Club after school.
What a fun way to unwind.
I enjoyed watching them create
and seeing the satisfaction they find.

Now here I am-Home at last.
Online with my #TeachWrite friends.
Happily crafting poetry (or making an attempt)
as this day comes to an end.

2019 Tracy Vogelgesang

The Best Part of Me

The best part of me
believes the best is yet to come!
Each day that passes
I grow wiser,
love more deeply,
and find more joy in simple things.

The best part of me
shines brighter with my heart’s companion.
As we age together
we grow closer,
strengthen our bond,
and cherish the moments we have together.

The best part of me
thrills when I spend time with my children.
Adulting suits them well.
I grow prouder,
enjoy their company,
and know they make this world better.

The best part of me
giggles and squeals as we run through the house.
With tiny curls bouncing
she grows quickly,
calls me Mom-mom,
and builds precious, precious memories with Papa and me.

The best part of me
adjusts her headphones to hear me as I greet her.
With sketchbook beside her
she grows wiser,
dreams future dreams,
and treats Papa and me with much love and respect.

Yes, the best part of me
gets better as time passes day by day!
Each day that passes
I grow wiser,
love more deeply,
and find more joy in simple things.

2019 Tracy Vogelgesang

Lessons in Nature

My day at school today:

My heart bleeds
as I watch my student
for the past three years
pack his things-
mom and stepdad split.

My heart bleeds
as another student
will not get a meal
until midnight-
mom comes to then.

My heart bleeds
for the injustices
so many kids
face daily-
my heart aches.

After school I pull into my drive:

My bleeding heart
peeking above ground
mingling with other
budding plants-
spring is coming.

My bleeding heart
gives me hope
for brighter days
for all-
I cling to that.

My bleeding heart
reminds me that
fragile flowers blossom
despite the cold-
The kids will, too.

Silence #SOL19

As my Spring Break comes to a close, I pay tribute to those instances of quiet and solitude I’ve enjoyed this week.  Those magical, fleeting moments ground me, restore peace, encourage joy, and help me remember my humanity.



I seek it daily

so elusive, my soul’s treasure.

When received, a healing balm.


As stolen moments

or gifted bliss,

daily stillness is needed, valued.


Too much crushes me;

too little and I thirst.

When balanced, I thrive.


It’s my Divine connection

where truth and reality dwell.

A centering force, a refuge.



2019 Tracy Vogelgesang

The Birthing #SOL19

My world slumbers in the inky darkness of the predawn sky.

I sit in my pj’s, notebook open, steaming mug of coffee at my side,

waiting…waiting for the words to come during this treasured, magical time.


One poem penned-it’s crap.  I know it.

Yet I don’t give up.


The words-what words exactly, I’m not sure-

but some words are struggling to free themselves and be birthed.

A new thought, a new image, a new creation,

something which didn’t exist before.


The struggle is real, but the effort is worth it.

The words begin to make their way onto the page-

written, created, taking shape.


My world awakens in the blue, purple, pinkish-orange of the sunrise sky.

I sit in my pj’s, notebook closed, empty mug at my side.

The words arrived.  I welcome them and go on about my day.


2019 Tracy Vogelgesang

A Spring Break Poem #SOL19 #PoetryFriday

Image result for cartoon drawings

Tis the day before break

restless energy abounds,

add a full moon-

chaos all around!


The children are restless

with energy to spend,

while visions of vacation

make it hard to attend.


And the exhausted adults

keeping order and peace,

count down the minutes

till the chaos will cease.


The clock ticks away

slowly but sure,

everyone watches

until the hands blur.


Finally, it’s here!

The P.A. sounds!

Dismissal is nigh,

cheers all around!


Teachers stand at the ready

with hugs for each one,

Happy Spring Break to all

and to all have great fun!


Tracy Vogelgesang  2019


Shy: A Poem #SOL19 #poetryfriday


Always keeping to the shadows,

afraid to share my voice

for fear of what others

will think.



Knowing there is so much more

I can contribute to the world,

yet stifling my own voice




Finally deciding in the middle of life

that enough is enough;

so I write, share, and begin

to feel joy.



Still nervous, but feeling alive,

feeling like I am finally

on the right track.

I am home.