Wrinkles on an Avatar #SOL19

I had a good laugh yesterday.  Not just a chuckle but a hearty, deep-bellied laugh.  One of my fourth graders asked for help creating an avatar for the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge.  Creating an avatar is a part of the week 1 task.  So during the indoor recess, she and I set about working through the steps to create an avatar.  I made one right along with her.  As we worked through the process, we talked and laughed and asked each other’s opinions about the perfect hair color to choose, etc.

Before long, we had created our masterpieces and gave our final compliments over each other’s work.  She asked if I thought hers really looked like her.  Outside of the pony tail that she always wears, there was a striking resemblance.  I then asked what she thought of mine.  She thought about it for a moment and said, “It looks pretty good, but…”  She turned her head slowly to look at the avatar and look at me.  Finally, she said, “I’ve figured out what’s missing.  The program needs to add an option for wrinkles.”   At first I looked at her with surprise.  She blushed and apologized, embarrassed.  She is a kind-hearted person who would not say potentially hurtful things on purpose.  Then I began to laugh.  I laughed so long and so hard.  When she realized that I was not upset, she began to laugh, also.  We laughed until recess ended a few minutes later.

As the day continued, I found myself chuckling about the wrinkles comment frequently.  I love the humorous moments of my work.  That simple little comment made my day.  Oh, and she’s right.  The avatar program needs to add crow’s feet and a few other wrinkles!

8 thoughts on “Wrinkles on an Avatar #SOL19

  1. Your student sounds adorable. You earned those wrinkles, but it is hard to find joy in this aging market. Cute avatar.

    • Thank you, Glenda. She is. She has a kind soul. I agree with you. When there is joy, we savor every moment of it.

  2. Wonderful, Tracy. Over the weekend, my wife found pics of the first kids I taught back in 1993. They would all be 37 today. I brought them to school Monday, and showed them to my current kids. One started to say “So, they had color pictures back — ?” and he cut himself short. not wanting to imply that I’m “old”. We ended up laughing about this, too. “I am old-ish,” I told the class, “and proud of it.”
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Old-ish. That is a perfect description of me, too. Some days I feel old and wonder how much longer, while days like this one leaving feeling renewed and ready to push on. Thank goodness for those moments! Thank you for sharing, Daven.

    • Yes! I love those descriptions! Wise and joyful? I will take it! Thank you for giving me another reason to smile, Tracey!

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