TeachWritetober 2019: My Goals

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TeachWritetober…what a cool name, right?  I am excited to commit to something that I believe I can manage to complete despite the chaotic busyness of my teaching and personal lives.  For the next 31 days, I am going to work toward these goals:

  • Journal every day…This includes anytime pages and writing in a food journal that I am keeping.  I also keep a daily gratitude list in my Daylio app.  Lately, my gratitude writing has consisted of single sentences.  I would like to get back to writing more in depth entries.
  • I would like to write and post a slice of life blog post at least two Tuesdays this month.  This post will count as one.  Perhaps my goal for the next slice will be to post an update about my daily writing progress this month.
  • I would also like to get back to the novel writing work I was doing this summer.  This work, inspired by the book Story Genius and the Teach Write Focus on Fiction workshop I took this summer, was put on the back burner when school started.  I would like to at least work through the next chapter’s exercises in the Story Genius book.

So, those are my goals for TeachWritetober19.  Have you signed up?  What are your goals?

14 thoughts on “TeachWritetober 2019: My Goals

  1. Great (and very doable) goals, Tracy! Looking forward to putting down a lot of words on the page with you this month. Go US!!

  2. You have awesome goals! I’m excited for this journey and am look forward to reading your future posts and seeing all that you accomplish!

    • Thank you! I’m looking forward to your accomplishments, as well! I’m excited to be writing alongside so many TW friends!

  3. I love setting goals! This list looks like a great start for a great month of writing for you! I hope you find joy and purpose in every word you craft this month.

  4. I’m jumping in too! And boy did I need a push! But we can always count on Jennifer to that, can’t we? Let’s do this!

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