When Old Schools Die #SOL19

The center of the community in its day

generations gracing its halls

all learning




Memories from each generation stay

like old photos on the walls

of sports




The community meets one last time this day

before the swing of the ball

to relive




Saying goodbye can be so hard.

10 thoughts on “When Old Schools Die #SOL19

  1. Places hold memories deep in their souls- the echoes of long forgotten voices, the click of heels from the teachers, the subtle rustle of paper all bringing to mind the place where so many grew up- hard indeed! Beautiful memories

  2. This made me feel sad as I read and knew the inevitable was coming. Old schools are somewhat of a wonder to me. There was an old school that was demolished when I was quite little. I’ve come across photos of it and it looked beautiful. Hardwood floors, wooden banisters, large windows, old iron desks. The schools of the past hold a beauty that cannot be compared to modern schools.

  3. Poignant post.
    I’ve lost a school I attended asa kid and another I taught in andboth were lovely places too soon gone.

  4. I can only imagine how hard it is for someone who grew up within those walls, read their first books, made their first friends, got their first grades, and loved their first teachers to realize it will exist no more. Thinking that ‘time capsule’ of their childhood is being destroyed must tear down a little piece of them, too. This one got to me. Beautiful poem.

  5. What a moment. I can’t imagine how sad it would be to watch a school reduced to dust.

    My grade school is no longer standing. It’s long gone, actually. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. But I’m happy to not have witnessed its demolition.

    Beautifully captured, Tracy.

    • Thank you, Daven. The building was beyond repair, so its demolition was inevitable. That doesn’t make it any easier, though. It’s a sad day for the entire community.

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