I tested the plugins Compfight, Easy Tables, Visual Editor, and Light Box for Images to see some of the great options that are available to me with this blogging platform.  As I looked at them, I considered ease of use and benefit to future blog posts.  Below is the chart that shows my opinions about these plugins.

Compfight Easy Tables Visual Editor  Light Box for Images
 Compfight is great.  I used it recently to find amazing photos that are free to use in blogging.  I will use this plugin frequently. This plugin seems fairly cut and dry.  Easy to use and likely to be used frequently.  This works like the original Visual Editor.  Easy.  I appreciate this plugin.  It adds a layer of convenience for visitors to my blog.  However, it does not seem to be working with the Compfight image below.

Additionally, I activated the Supreme Google Webfonts plugin.  I am thrilled to have various fonts from which to choose.  
Connexion 48/52Creative Commons License Gauthier DELECROIX – 郭天 via Compfight

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