The Lie of Perfect

Elusive, hiding, just out of reach,
chasing the wind,
impossible dream.

Painful, stressful, maker of angst,
never worth it,
abandon it-now.

Hidden, anxious, fearful of risk,
unless perfect,
time to step away.

Relax, accept, leaper of faith,
it will be fine,
see re-a-li-ty.

Joyful, happy, liver of dreams,
mistakes enrich,
trust in what will be.

2 thoughts on “The Lie of Perfect

  1. This is a post that I need to revisit every time I start to fret about my professional writing! Thank you for the reminder that “mistakes enrich, trust in what will be.”

    • I’ve struggled with perfectionism for much of my life. Teach Write and The War of Art have helped me so much!

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