Another Harry Potter Weekend #SOL19


“Wait! Put it on pause! I haven’t gotten my butterbeer yet!”  My oldest granddaughter says in a panic as the movie begins to play.  “Oh, and I haven’t gotten my snacks, either!”

“And I better go to the bathrooooom,” our youngest shouts as she suddenly zooms past us and runs out of the room.

Papa and I glance at each other and chuckle.  So begins our Harry Potter weekend movie marathon.

Periodically, we gather for a weekend of magic, butterbeer (purchased from a local vendor), and snacks that appeal to all tastes.   This weekend is one such weekend.

Choosing Wands at Ollivander’s

Yep, we’re that family.  We are nearing the label of Potterheads.  These stories are beloved by all ages in our family, and we have made many memories around them.  In fact, we’re currently in the process of planning our return visit to Harry’s magical world at Universal Studios.  My husband and oldest granddaughter are looking forward to breaking out their interactive wands and revisiting all of the areas where the magic comes to life.

The children return to the living room and settle into their favorite movie-watching spots.  It’s time for the magic to begin.

“Is everyone ready now?” Papa asks as he peers at each child.  They nod their heads.  “Okay.  Here we go!”  Papa pushes play, and I dim the lights.  Yes, here we go, ready to approach Platform 9 and 3/4 and enter that familiar, enchanted world yet again.

12 thoughts on “Another Harry Potter Weekend #SOL19

  1. I love this slice because it reminds me of our Harry Potter Film Festivals! Usually once a year my daughter wants to do an HP marathon. It’s usually a rainy or snowy weekend and getting cozy on the couch is so wonderful. Dang, wish we had a butter beer supplier nearby!! Have fun! It really is MAGIC!

  2. You are making so many wonderful memories with your grandchildren! It sounds like an ideal way to spend the weekend! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  3. Oh, this is great! My daughters are “Potterheads” too! Great idea to have a Harry Potter movie marathon- how fun! Love the way you bring us along with you right up to the pushing of play… thanks!

  4. They’ll treasure these memories all their lives.

    But what exactly are you providing for your granddaughter? “Butterbeer”? I’m nervous. Must be a PA thing.

    • Lol! Butterbeer is a beverage from the Harry Potter series. At Universal Studios, they sell it cold or frozen. Basically it is butterscotch cream soda. Completely harmless and such a treat!

      Thank you, Daven. It is my hope that they’ll treasure these memories as much as I treasure the time spent with them.

  5. This slice made me smile and wish I was right there with you and your family. I too am a Potterhead, but have not yet made it to Universal. What precious memories you are making together!

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