Silence #SOL19

As my Spring Break comes to a close, I pay tribute to those instances of quiet and solitude I’ve enjoyed this week.  Those magical, fleeting moments ground me, restore peace, encourage joy, and help me remember my humanity.



I seek it daily

so elusive, my soul’s treasure.

When received, a healing balm.


As stolen moments

or gifted bliss,

daily stillness is needed, valued.


Too much crushes me;

too little and I thirst.

When balanced, I thrive.


It’s my Divine connection

where truth and reality dwell.

A centering force, a refuge.



2019 Tracy Vogelgesang

22 thoughts on “Silence #SOL19

    • Thank you, Tammy. For me, this time of the year with all of its busyness and chaos makes it all the more prominent in my thoughts.

  1. This is such a beautiful piece. I too crave silence, yet you’re right: too much of it is crushing. Getting that balance right is always a challenge. I am glad you have been able to restore the balance somewhat over your break.

  2. These lines, “Too much crushes me;

    too little and I thirst.

    When balanced, I thrive.” Convey so much in so few words. You really let us feel those extremes with you.
    You illustrate well how varied our experiences of silence can be.

  3. I’m nearing the end of my spring break also and really wishing that I had more of that elusive silence. I read your poem over several times because I found it so lovely. I like the first few lines before the poem starts too…. “restore peace” … yes.

  4. As I start my spring break, this was a great piece for me to reflect on. I’ll have to revisit this post next week at the conclusion of my break.

    I love the line “When balanced, I thrive.” I definitely need to remember that:)

    • Thank you, Jen. Enjoy every minute of your break. After the busy month that you have had, you must be ready to relax!

  5. Lovely! I, too, have enjoyed silence and quietness during my spring break. I feel more grounded and less stressed. Two more days. Perhaps I will have a little more time for silence.

    • I hope so, Jaana! I’m hoping to have a little more silence, too, before starting in to the final two months.

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